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Food Budgeting & Planning

Are you spending $300+ per week on your groceries?

Do you still have to nip to the shops mid-week for bread but end up spending $60 in the process?

I can help you manage what you have, and provide inspiration for easy healthy family meals at a fraction of the cost.

I have worked and inspired hundreds of people using my unique way of meal planning, prepping and budgeting. I also consider household essentials like cleaning products and toiletries, so you never go short.

I will also leave you with one of my unique meal planners to help you on your journey to saving money and eating well.


After a Zoom meeting with Maria, I started implementing her style of meal planning and have saved my family hundreds in just the first month. The planners are so easy to use, and I now have no more waste and find it much easier to plan and cook meals now I am back to work.

Sarah Dockerty WA