Moving Home

Moving when managing work commitments, kids and animals can seem like a daunting task!

I can assist in packing on your behalf, or work alongside you as an extra pair of hands. I can provide packing boxes and bubble wrap, and suggest the most efficient way to pack your goods and your home.

I believe a successful move is made even better, by organising as you pack, and thinking ahead to your new home and how you want your items put away/displayed. 

For those in full time work, you can leave me to it! I will set up your house in the most efficient way possible. I will sit down and understand your needs, how you live your life, and plan how everything will look in your new home. 

I will unpack, put things away, dispose of boxes, and find a space for everything.

As an additional service, I can organise wardrobe and pantry systems (think show home labelled storage), so you can live efficiently and improve the serviceability of your life. 


After a Zoom meeting with Maria, I started implementing her style of meal planning and have saved my family hundreds in just the first month. The planners are so easy to use, and I now have no more waste and find it much easier to plan and cook meals now I am back to work.

Sarah Dockerty WA