Pantry Makeover

Efficient, yet beautiful

We are Sydney's No.1 Pantry Specialist!

We have transformed the smallest to the largest space, on all budgets. We can help you be efficient, and save money in the long-run...keep reading

Unfortunately, a disorganised pantry can mean buying double ups on your grocery run, not using what you have, and just buying more because you can't be bothered sorting through the clutter of food

We work with your current style, and let it flow into your pantry. We discuss with you style, show you examples, and discuss budget. 

If required, we purchase storage from places like Kmart, IKEA, and even your local dollar shop to keep costs down. We have the experience to know what fits on shelves (taking into consideration depths and heights), and make it work with the budget you have set. We can also work with existing storage.

Labelling is key to an efficient pantry. We will show you a variety of labels which you can choose from, which will tie in with the style and look of your pantry. 

Size of pantry? No worries! We have worked with cupboard pantrys, walk-ins, and at different depths and heights. We have the solution for your needs. 

Check out some pantries we have completed below, and contact for a consultation.


After a Zoom meeting with Maria, I started implementing her style of meal planning and have saved my family hundreds in just the first month. The planners are so easy to use, and I now have no more waste and find it much easier to plan and cook meals now I am back to work.

Sarah Dockerty WA